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Luxury formal or leisure shoes, made according to your wishes and needs.


Kudu leather boots inspired by hunting boots for the African savannah.

Shoemaking course

A great way to try out the cobbler's craft.


Indestructible hiking boots for difficult terrain. Made of thick leather.

Formal belt

Luxury three-layered formal belt. A great addition to frame shoes.



A lighter version of our favourite indestructible Milešovky.

Standard belt

Standard quality belt made of thick and strong leather. Ideal for jeans.

Why bespoke shoes ?


Shoe to fit your foot

The shoe is sewn on a last made exactly to the measurements of your foot.


A test shoe instead of promises

On the test shoe you have the opportunity to feel how comfortable the shoe will be and whether any adjustment on the last is necessary.


The quality of an old craftmanship

We make the shoes by hand using a minimum of pre-made components. Compared to factory production, the production of shoes in our factory is not counted in hours, but in weeks. You may wait a few months for your shoes, but the result is definitely worth it. With proper and regular care, such shoes will last for many years, not only thanks to the possibility of a complete replacement of the entire sole when the shoe is worn out.


Shoe according to your dreams

Whether you need luxury formal shoes, boots for the mountains or the desert, we’re here for you. We will advise you on the production technology, materials or cut, so that the shoe is nice, comfortable, fulfils its function and the price corresponds to the quality. There are many possibilities of cuts and last shapes. If you are not sure, we will be happy to draw up cut drawings and help you choose exactly what you are looking for.


Jitka Christof
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2 years ago I had the Milešovky hiking shoes sewn by you. They are amazing, very easy to wear and have travelled the world with me.
Václav Elman
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Hello, I wanted to let you know the shoes and belt arrived safely. I've been wearing them for a while now and I have to tip my hat to your craftsmanship, I've never worn better shoes. It is a pleasure that even in this day and age there are people like you who are dedicated to the craft. I wish you to prosper in these difficult times and I look forward to seeing more shoes from you. Wishing you a peaceful day Václav Elman
Roman Boed
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Hello, We had a wonderful trip around Beiersbronn. The Pioneerky hiking shoes worked very well.Thank you for your quality work and service.
Petr Bajer
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Hello, the shoes look better than I expected. Thanks!

The usual steps



We will arrange an appointment with you, where we will measure your foot and fine-tune the shoe design. We usually take around CZK 5 000,- deposit to start the order. The rest is payable after the delivery of the shoes.



Based on the measurements, we will make your own lasts.


Test shoes

First, we’ll make the test shoes. We will use them to check if the lasts need any adjustments. Your future comfort is the priority.


Shoes production

When we are sure that lasts are perfect we commence the handmade production of the final shoes.


Handing over the finished pair

Finished shoes can be picked up at our workshop, or handed over in person or sent by courier.


The quality of an old craftmanship

Since almost all of the workflow in the production of hand-sewn custom shoes is done by hand, not many machines are needed. Our workshop is therefore not large. It is simply and modestly furnished, but, as we firmly believe, full of the unusual atmosphere of times past, spiced with the pleasant smell of leather, shoe glue and mordant.

You can meet us in our workshop near Pardubice or in Prague, where we regularly travel. If you would like to visit us in our Pardubice workshop, we can usually be reached there from 8:30 to 16:00. In Prague, we usually follow the wishes of the customer. It is not a problem to make an appointment at work, at home or somewhere in a café.

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